Should You Steal 2nd Base? Ask Yourself these 3 Questions.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the game of baseball is understanding the ins and outs of stealing bases. Developing a true knack for knowing when to run and when to stay put can significantly improve your success rate.

Here are 3 questions D-BAT Sports recommends you should ask yourself before stealing 2nd base:

#1: How Fast is the Pitcher’s Throw?
Using a stopwatch, figure out how fast you can expect the pitcher to throw the ball. An average pitcher may throw the ball in approx. 1.4 seconds, while a quick pitcher may get it there even faster.

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How to Overcome your Fear of Baseball Tryouts

It’s completely normal to be nervous about an upcoming baseball tryout. Whether it’s a travel team or your local high school team, D-BAT Sports offers these tips for overcoming your fears:

Understand the Expectations
You’ll feel a lot better abut the tryout if you know exactly what is expected of you. How will the tryout go? What are the coaches looking for? Connect with a coach or trusted advisor who can coach you on what to expect during the tryout.

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3 Reasons to Consider Private Baseball Instruction at D-BAT Sports

Most kids don’t need another toy or handheld game…why not give them a gift that can last a lifetime? D-BAT Sports offers private baseball instruction to improve your player’s hitting, fielding, and overall baseball skills. It’s the perfect time to get your baseball player ready for Spring ball. Here are 3 reasons private baseball instruction from D-BAT Sports is the perfect gift this holiday season:

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Studying the Pitcher – 5 Things You Should Watch

As a batter, there are so many things racing through your head as you step up to the plate. But are you thinking about the pitcher?

By knowing how to study the pitcher properly, you will likely see your hitting improve. Once you understand a pitcher and his style, it’s like unlocking a key to success.

Here are 5 things each batter should watch from the opposing pitcher:

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