Wood Baseball Bats: 4 Things You Might Not Know

Wood bats are used by the pros and sold here at D-BAT Sports. As much as people want to buy the bats and use them, there are often a lot of questions about how to use them, how they are different, etc. so here’s a little rundown on a few things you might not know about wood baseball bats:

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One for the Record Books: Congrats to the Houston Astros, World Series Champions!

Congratulations are in order for the Houston Astros, first time World Series Champions! It came down to Game 7 to defeat the LA Dodgers and D-BAT Sports Alumnae Clayton Kershaw, but they did it!

While it’s a pretty big deal to win the World Series for the first time in franchise history, that wasn’t the only record set by the Houston Astros during the Series. Here are a few other interesting stats about their road to victory:

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Baseball Apps to Help You Keep the Best Stats

Love it or hate it, much of the game of baseball revolves around stats. And this isn’t just true for the major leagues either!

In order to maximize the skill set of each player, your job as the coach is to keep good stats that can inform decisions on who should play where, batting order, etc.

While keeping accurate stats can be a challenge in and of itself, something is better than nothing! D-BAT Sports has found a few apps that can help keep track of stats and make your life easier when it comes to making informed coaching decisions:

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Beyond the Skills: What Coaches Look for at Baseball Tryouts

Clearly - baseball skills – batting, fielding, pitching, etc. - are important when it comes to baseball tryouts.

But have you considered the other factors that come into play when making team decisions? There are certain things we look at when your child isn’t performing. Read on to learn about what other factors D-BAT Sports looks for when choosing players at a baseball tryout:

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