D-BAT – the country’s best baseball training facility – is excited to announce expansion into the Chinese market!

On March 31, D-BAT CEO Cade Griffis and Vice President Kyle Griffis penned the deal that would partner with Douglas Sports & Culture in Beijing, China. This franchise agreement allows for 10 new D-BAT locations to be opened and operated by Douglas Sports in the greater Beijing area.

“When I started D-BAT in 1998….I honestly didn’t think we would have more than one location,” lamented CEO Griffis. “[But] growth is also about finding the next big trick up your sleeve, and I think we just pulled a Houdini.”

D-BAT is currently operating with 40 premier baseball academies across the United States, with plans for 22 more to open soon. That being said, the company expects 35-40% growth this year alone! And Beijing is just the first step into the international

market. D-BAT sees opportunities to expand throughout China – including Shanghai, Guangazou, and Shenzhen – and into other countries such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, Korea, and Taiwan.

One thing that makes D-BAT unique is its commitment to American ingenuity. While the new Chinese locations may be located in Beijing, the baseball coaches will be well-trained American coaches. D-BAT sees this as the perfect opportunity for recent college graduates with an expertise in baseball, giving them a unique chance to work abroad. Each baseball coach will be trained in the Dallas facilities by D-BAT, then hired to work in China for one-year contracts.

Officials at Douglas Sports are excited about this new partnership. “When we saw D-BAT, we knew this was what we wanted,” says Douglas Vice President Weitao Ji. “The logos, the layout, the décor were all unified. That’s what we need. You know, we don’t want to do just some simple thing and hire random coaches to come to China. That’s not our way.”

D-BAT – based out of Carrollton, Texas – is excited about this new opportunity to bring the best baseball training facilities to a new, untapped market.