Finding the right baseball bat for you or your child can be tricky. At D-BAT’s premier baseball pro shop, we have a wide variety of wooden bats to choose from, perfect for children 5-6, on up to adult sizes.

But why should you consider a solid wood baseball bat instead of a typical aluminum bat? D-BAT offers the following benefits to ash and maple baseball bats:

Benefits of Ash Wood Baseball Bats

In general, ash would bats are the lightest wood type, meaning they create the most flexible and most forgiving wooden baseball bats. Other benefits of a new ash wood baseball bat include:

  • Strength: Ash is the strongest type of wooden bat out there, pound-for-pound.
  • Grain Structure: The unique structure of the ash grain produces a softer feel to the bat, but it also increases the bat speed. Whenever using an ash wood bat, be sure to hit with the straight grain side out for optimum results.
  • Flexibility: Ash wood has some flex to it, which adds an extra “crack” when hitting.

Benefits of Maple Wood Baseball Bats

If you are looking for a new wooden baseball bat, chances are you’ve seen a lot of maple wood bats. The most popular type of wood bat on the market, maple bats are very responsive. Other benefits include:

  • Density: Maple wood bats are very dense, so they feel heavy when you use them.
  • Durability: With a tighter grain structure than ash, maple wood baseball bats are typically more durable that their ash counterparts.

D-BAT’s exclusive new wooden baseball bats are made of only the finest northern white ash and hard rock maple/sugar maple available. If you are in the market for a new baseball bat, be sure to give the experts at D-BAT’s pro shop a call today. Visit our website to find a location near you!