At D-BAT’s premier baseball training facilities one of the number #1 complaints is that my child is not batting to their full potential.

There can be many reasons for this, but D-BAT has pinpointed 3 very common batting mistakes we’ve seen in our private batting lessons and how to fix them:

1.   Premature Wrist Roll

This occurs when a player rolls their wrist over before making contact with the ball, meaning the upper-hand is palm down and the upper-hand is palm up. The result: lots of weak grounders, particularly to the player’s pull side. 

How to Fix It: Using a Swingaway device or a batting tee, isolate the upper body movement and practice swinging through the ball slowly, with the proper technique in place. Notice the difference in loft when the ball is hit prior to a wrist roll.

2.  Arm Bar Fault

Not keeping your arms and elbows in the proper batting position can lead to missing pitches, less bat speed, and even premature bat dropping. Elbow flexion is key to the approach, allowing ample room for your arms to swing and rotate through the pitch. 

How to Fix It: Tie a bungee cord or resistance band to a batting cage and have your player hold on to it as if they are batting. The player will then get a sense for the strength of their hit when they use their typical arm stance, and when they open up the elbows and allow for more arm strength and speed.

3.  Overstriding

A key part of improving a player’s overall batting abilities is learning the proper step while batting. Some players develop a bad habit of overstriding after a swing, leading them to be off-balanced and clumsy as they take off for first base.

How to Fix It: during batting practice, ask your player to remain still after getting a hit. Where is their front leg located? A batting stance should be no longer than their bat, so have them lay their bat down between their feet to gauge whether or not they are overstriding. 

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