In the game of baseball, there are a lot of rules. Lot of strategy. Lots of “if this, then do this” situations.

At D-BAT’s premier baseball training facilities in Texas, we’ve learned that there are ways to deliver criticism and critiques that can improve a players game and effect them positively – not tear them down. Whether you are a parent or a coach, use these strategies to improve your baseball player’s game:

1.   Ask Permission

When a player is in the heat of the game, frustrated with himself or the world, it’s important to know when to offer advice. Many times, all it takes is asking a player if they’d like advice or a tip, in order to get them to be more receptive to the idea. Asking permission before offering input helps the player feel valuable and like their opinion matters.

2.  Avoid Heated Moments

Again, if a player is angry and sulking, it’s not a teachable moment. Avoid moments that are heated. Give the child room to blow off some steam before offering constructive criticism. He or she will likely be much more receptive to it when they’ve had time to cool off.

3.  Make it About Results

Want a certain result? IF you do this, THEN this will happen. Speaking to a player in simple, if/when statements focuses on a specific result, and gives them a bite-sized nugget to apply to their baseball game. 

4.  Start and Finish with the Positive

Let’s just call this one the sandwich approach. Start by telling the player something they are doing well, offer words of improvement and tips to improve their baseball game, then finish with further words of encouragement. It softens the blow and boosts self-esteem when positive statements are sandwiched on both ends of the critique.

5. Critique Off the Field

When possible, find moments to critique when off the field and away from others. Players are generally more receptive to tips and advice when they don’t feel threatened or embarrassed by others.

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