Whether you had experience as a baseball or softball player or are just eager to spend time with your child on the field, coaching a baseball or softball team is no small task. Even more tricky – coaching a team of novice players with little-to-no baseball experience. 

If you are just beginning to coach baseball or softball, incorporate these baseball drills into your practice time for quick results and improvement:

Fundamentals First

Once a new player learns a bad habit – whether that is throwing the ball incorrectly, an improper batting stance, and so forth, that can be tricky to overcome. When coaching a new team, start the first practice with 45 minutes of simple fundamental

throwing practice. Then, move to 20 minutes of fielding grounders, then finish off with 15 minutes of running the bases. 

Where is the batting practice you ask? Hold off on practicing batting until the fielding fundamentals have been established, then move to batting practice.

Field Without a Glove

Since bad habits are hard to break, novice baseball and softball players can benefit from learning to field without a glove first. Teach the children to field with both hands on the ground, removing the instinct to catch a ball one-handed once a glove is added in.

Throwing Drills

Start with the proper arm movements. Have each player take a knee, then practice throwing simply by pulling their arm back and throwing with their arm and wrist only. Once they have grasped the proper arm technique, then teach them how to step into the throw and line their shoulders up with the target before each throw to improve accuracy.

If your baseball or softball team is ready for more specialized baseball drills in Texas, find a D-BAT location near you. We offer baseball training academies throughout Texas and the United States, including Lewisville, Allen, Southlake, Denton, Amarillo, Lubbock, and more.