At D-BAT Sports, we love sparking up a debate on anything related to baseball. The greatest players, pitchers, techniques, baseball fields – you name it.

We stumbled on this well-written article on the greatest throws of all time and found it fascinating.

The article goes into great detail about what makes each throw the best and what sets it apart, but when you break it all down, it comes down to several factors that create the perfect throw:

  • Accuracy: The ball has to hit the target. Practice getting your body square with the target and leading with your glove and glove elbow before ever making a throw. Let your throw follow your body language.
  • Speed: Want to throw a faster ball? Tuck it all in. Take your chest to the ball. The tighter you are to begin the throw, the faster you will be able to release and get the ball in motion. Even the strength of your hand and wrist muscles can affect the velocity of a throw.
  • Distance: Proper mechanics will help whip the ball to the target at faster speeds. Reach and extend toward your target to maximize your throwing distance, following all the way through with the throwing arm.

So back to the great debate and the article that sparked it: Who do you think had the best throw of all time? Yoenis Cespedes? Yasiel Puig? Rick Ankiel? The author leaves it open-handed, so we want to hear from you!

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