Want to change the momentum of your baseball game?

Make the double play a fundamental part of your game plan

While that’s easier said that done, D-BAT Sports – the premier baseball training facility in the country – has some advice on how to improve your success rate when it comes to throwing double plays:

1. Communication

If you’ve ever watched a college or professional team play, then you’ll notice that the teammates know each other well. They are synchronized. They know each other’s “sweet spots” when it comes to throwing the ball and securing an out. Repetition and an awareness of your teammates are essential to making double plays a key part of your defensive strategy.

2. Shrink the Infield

A key to making double plays is minimizing the distance the ball needs to be thrown. Infielders can use the simple rule of being “2 steps forward, 2 steps toward 2nd,” meaning they are 2 big steps closer to home plate than normal and 2 steps closer to 2nd base than normal. This shrinks the field and makes throws quicker.

3. Throw a Low Strike

Pitchers can get in on the action too! If a pitcher throws a strike low in the strike zone, chances are, it will be a ground hit because many hitters will find lofting the low strike difficult. A ground hit to the infield can equate to two quick plays.

4. Work the Drills

Muscle memory comes when a player works the drills over and over again, working on agility, speed, and distance. Work drills into your practice that focus on throwing quickly and accurately, along with drills that practice the double play explicitly.

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