The average 9-inning major league baseball game is now 3 hours and 5 minutes – 10 minutes longer than it was just a matter of years ago.

While this shift seems insignificant and irrelevant, at D-BAT Sports, we can assure you the big wigs are taking notice. In fact, Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has made it no secret that he’s working on meetings with baseball management and the players union to speed up the game in 2018.

But this brings us back to the main question: why has the game of baseball gotten slower?

When you analyze the game, you will find that most teams are taking an average of more seconds to hold the ball between pitches. It’s as simple as that. And research supports the fact that when the pitcher holds the ball longer between throws, he throws the ball faster. And in a game where max speed counts, this is an important trick for all pitchers to have up their sleeves. 

This article here does a great job of breaking down the math and showing how even marginal increases in velocity with each throw can impact the results of the game. It’s the stuff baseball mathematicians and statisticians thrive on. So of course, it should come as no surprise that teams like the Tampa Bay – known for its heavy reliance on statisticians – is one of the slowest teams in the league.

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