It’s a common oversight in baseball and one we see often.

Batters take plenty of time to do practice swings and get loose before batting.

Pitchers take practice throws to loosen up their shoulder and get the arm warm.

But what about infielders?

Fielding a ball well is one of the most important aspects of the game, and one that can easily equate to short innings and winning the game handily. Quick ball skills can extend a play and turn one out into a double play, just like that.

D-BAT Sports – the premier baseball training facility in the country – wants to grow our players in every aspect of the game and fielding the ball is a big part of that. While it’s easy for infielders to get comfortable just going out and fielding cold turkey, remember to warm up before the game to get the hand warm and the muscles loose. Here are a few simple warm-up drills:

1.    Kneel and Catch

Have each player get down and field all of the balls on his knees. Throw ground balls his way. His goal is to snag them out in front of his body, then funnel them up to his chest for a quick throw. Repeat about 30 times to get nice and loose.

2.    Infield Hands Progression

Start with the drill above, then move the player to a standing “triangle” with his legs a little more than shoulder width apart and his glove as the tip of the triangle. Keep the legs stationery as the player focuses on his upper body technique. Lastly, add the foot movements into the equation, stepping first with the right to field, then the left to throw.

Bottom Line: Don’t let your players get out of the habit of doing an in-field warm-up before the game. Handling the ball will only help make their throws more accurate and crisp.

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