When it comes to buying a new baseball bat, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each player has different needs based on their skill level, size, and desired results. Before buying your next wooden baseball bat, consider the pros and cons of each type as outlined below:

Maple Baseball Bat

Maple baseball bats are the most commonly used wooden bat by the pros. This is because they are dense, creating a lot of pop with each hit. When you swing a maple bat, you hear the crack of the ball, and because maple baseball bats have less give, you’re going to transfer more energy from the bat to the ball. It’s a great choice for experienced hitters, but might be too much bat for someone who is new to hitting wooden baseball bats. D-BAT Sports takes great care in producing our maple bats from hard rock maple (sugar maple) and we use a proprietary sealer and top coat to make them the most durable on the market.

Ash Baseball Bat

Ash baseball bats are much softer than maple bats, as the wood is lighter. While they can be more prone to breakage than a maple bat, they are lighter and offer a lot more zip on the swing. Just be sure that if you’re going to use an ash bat, you are prepared to learn the right way to hold the bat – with the logo facing up when making contact with the ball. We love the grains of ash wood bats, as they are really pronounced. D-BAT Sports produces ash bats made from the finest northern white ash wood available. This gives us straight grains that produce better results. We take great care in only producing the best ash bats on the market.

Ready to make a wood bat purchase? Swing by your local D-BAT Sports and let us show you our inventory of beautiful wood bats for you to choose from. We have bats on the shelf, ready to go, or we can customize one to your needs.