Clearly - baseball skills – batting, fielding, pitching, etc. - are important when it comes to baseball tryouts.

But have you considered the other factors that come into play when making team decisions? There are certain things we look at when your child isn’t performing. Read on to learn about what other factors D-BAT Sports looks for when choosing players at a baseball tryout:


While this isn’t always the kid’s fault, showing up on time/early and staying for the full practice is important. It shows us that you and your family are committed to being a part of the team and being available for practices and games in the future.

Productive Warm-ups

Is your child goofying off during the warm-up period because he thinks no one is watching or is he serious about getting ready to play? You can tell a lot about a kid by the focus given to warm-up and his mindset going into the tryout.

And on that note: we’re watching to see if your child is distracting others during the tryout, goofying off, not taking things seriously. We want this to be fun, but we don’t want to draft someone who is going to be detrimental to the team’s overall success.


Is your child dressed appropriately for the tryout? Does he have a baseball hat on? Does he have the right gear? We’re not looking for the fanciest or most expensive baseball gear, but we are looking for kids that are ready to get out there and play ball.


We should never see your child poking fun at another kid during tryouts. Never. And while we’re definitely looking for talent, your player has got to know when it’s too much and crosses the line to showboating. We’re looking for kids who are team players, ready to support and encourage their teammates.

Family Dynamics

When we consider a player, we’re also considering the family. We love supportive parents, but be wary of over coaching from the sideline during the tryout. Let your child shine on their own and sit back and watch the action.

If you’d like to learn more about trying out for a select baseball team or want to get a few more reps in before baseball tryouts, visit us at D-BAT Sports this week! We are the nation’s premier baseball training facility for a reason!