Love it or hate it, much of the game of baseball revolves around stats. And this isn’t just true for the major leagues either!

In order to maximize the skill set of each player, your job as the coach is to keep good stats that can inform decisions on who should play where, batting order, etc.

While keeping accurate stats can be a challenge in and of itself, something is better than nothing! D-BAT Sports has found a few apps that can help keep track of stats and make your life easier when it comes to making informed coaching decisions:


This free app hit the scene in 2009 and has become the most popular scorekeeping app out there. In fact, GameChanger announced in January that they had hit 10 million baseball and softball games scored in the app! The app is easy to use, with intuitive features and tips that make scorekeeping a breeze for any family or fans recording the baseball score or wanting to follow along with stats from the game. It’s a handy resource for coaches when making split-second decisions during a game, but may lack the depth in stats that you are looking for when formulating a game plan.


Where GameChanger falls short in its ability to keep a plethora of stats, iScore fills the gap. iScore can keep track of 500 batting, pitching, and fielding stats, giving you all the information you need post-game to evaluate your baseball or softball players. If you’re nerdy about the stats – you’ll definitely want this app!

At D-BAT Sports, we recommend using both of these baseball apps, in addition to having someone do the old-fashioned pen and paper method. This way, you have 3 different sources for information to lean on.

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