One of the most overlooked aspects of the game of baseball is understanding the ins and outs of stealing bases. Developing a true knack for knowing when to run and when to stay put can significantly improve your success rate.

Here are 3 questions D-BAT Sports recommends you should ask yourself before stealing 2nd base:

#1: How Fast is the Pitcher’s Throw?
Using a stopwatch, figure out how fast you can expect the pitcher to throw the ball. An average pitcher may throw the ball in approx. 1.4 seconds, while a quick pitcher may get it there even faster.

#2: How Fast Can the Catcher Throw to 2nd Base?
After figuring out the speed of the pitcher’s throw, factor in how fast the catcher can get the ball to 2nd base. This time – the time from when the catcher gets the ball to when the second baseman has it in his glove – is generally around 2 seconds.

#3: How Fast are You?
Speed is often a function of genetics, but there are things you can do to improve your overall speed and success rate. Practice running sprints at 100%, pushing yourself and your muscles to fire on all cylinders from the first step. Also practice leading off the base and sliding to maximize success.

So how fast do you need to be? Add up the time it took for the pitcher to throw the ball and the catcher to get the ball to second base. If you are capable of running from first to second base in less time than it takes them to get it there, you obviously have a clear shot at success. This number is generally around 3.5 seconds, maybe higher depending on the league.

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