5 Steps to Improve Your Curveball – D-BAT Sports

Sports Illustrated recently published an article on the resurgence of the curveball, and it got us thinking more about the mechanics of what makes this throw so great – and so elusive. Young pitchers are often asking our instructors at D-BAT Sports for tips on throwing the perfect curveball, so here’s 5 steps to improve your curveball today:

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The Game of Baseball Has Been Slowing Down – Buy Why?

The average 9-inning major league baseball game is now 3 hours and 5 minutes – 10 minutes longer than it was just a matter of years ago.

While this shift seems insignificant and irrelevant, at D-BAT Sports, we can assure you the big wigs are taking notice. In fact, Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has made it no secret that he’s working on meetings with baseball management and the players union to speed up the game in 2018.

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Little League Injuries are on the Rise – What You Can Do to Prevent Them

Injuries that were once only seen at the college and professional levels of baseball are now trickling down to the high school and junior high levels.

Most of these injuries revolve around the throwing arm. In fact, a recent study reported by the American Journal of Sports Medicine shows that these days, 60% of the Tommy John surgeries were performed on athletes ranging in age from 15-19 years old.

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