The Benefits of Ash and Maple Baseball Bats

Finding the right baseball bat for you or your child can be tricky. At D-BAT’s premier baseball pro shop, we have a wide variety of wooden bats to choose from, perfect for children 5-6, on up to adult sizes.

But why should you consider a solid wood baseball bat instead of a typical aluminum bat? D-BAT offers the following benefits to ash and maple baseball bats:

Benefits of Ash Wood Baseball Bats

In general, ash would bats are the lightest wood type, meaning they create the most flexible and most forgiving wooden baseball bats. Other benefits of a new ash wood baseball bat include:

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Overcome the 2-Strike Count with these 5 Tips

Batting against a 2-stike count is no fun.

Striking out and feeling like you’ve let your team, coaches, and family down is even worse.

At D-BAT – the premier baseball academies in the United States – our goal is not only to improve our players’ swing and fielding, but to also educate our players on the mental side of the game.

When our players find themselves batting against a 2-stike count, D-BAT offers these 5 tips to help them get back in the game:

1. A Foul Keeps You Swinging

In his former life, Cade Griffis – founder of D-BAT Sports - was a scout for the Chicago White Sox and a player for the

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D-BAT China: The Next Horizon

D-BAT – the country’s best baseball training facility – is excited to announce expansion into the Chinese market!

On March 31, D-BAT CEO Cade Griffis and Vice President Kyle Griffis penned the deal that would partner with Douglas Sports & Culture in Beijing, China. This franchise agreement allows for 10 new D-BAT locations to be opened and operated by Douglas Sports in the greater Beijing area.

“When I started D-BAT in 1998….I honestly didn’t think we would have more than one location,” lamented CEO Griffis. “[But] growth is also about finding the next big trick up your sleeve, and I think we just pulled a Houdini.”

D-BAT is currently operating with 40 premier baseball academies across the United States, with plans for 22 more to open soon. That being said, the company expects 35-40% growth this year alone! And Beijing is just the first step into the international

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Welcome to D-BAT - The Premier Baseball Training Academy!

Based out of Carrollton, Texas, D-BAT is your resource for all things baseball! Ready to improve your batting record? Need some new gear to get you there? D-BAT’s well-rounded baseball academy can get you there!

What does D-BAT mean?

D-BAT is an acronym for “Developing Beliefs, Attitudes, and Traditions.” As the premier baseball academy, D-BAT is set apart by its comprehensive approach to baseball development. We believe each player plays his own version of baseball, meaning we tailor instruction to each person, all while teaching them the baseball basics that will last a lifetime.

What Does D-BAT have to Offer?

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