Maximize Your Time in the Batting Cages with these 4 Easy Steps

As the Fall baseball season begins to wind down, more emphasis is put on training and getting ready for the Spring season.

At D-BAT Sports, we see a rise in the number of players coming out to use our indoor batting cages this time of year, and so we wanted to offer some food-for-thought on how to maximize that time:

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Fall Ball: Making the Most of your Baseball Season

Fall ball is a great season for building and developing the baseball player. It’s not a time to get hyper-competitive, but a time to experience growth as a player so you are ready for the Spring season. Here are a few recommendations from D-BAT Sports – the nation’s best indoor baseball training facilitates – on what it takes to get the most out of fall ball:

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How to Build a Successful Batting Order

When putting together a batting order, a coach must look at many factors to ensure an electric offense. Sure, he could just scribble down a batting order, but chances are, this will not maximize the results and play to each batter’s strengths and weaknesses.

Evaluating Your Batters

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